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Anatomy of a Quality Canoe:

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A quality canoe has a lot of design work formed into its hull shape. If it's there, you can see it for yourself with a little training.

Many canoes made today are designed to be shipped unassembled in order to save space in shipping. And they paddle that way in the water! A well designed canoe will glide through the water with ease. It shouldn't be a workout to paddle it through the water. A good design will make the water "behave" along every square inch where it touches the hull, as it cuts, rolls and spills its way through the water.

Stability Comparison Chart

Ranger Canoe’s Otter 16’ has a combination of shallow vee and arch. Because of the shallow vee, the canoe has excellent tracking qualities, plus almost twice the stability of other canoes, Especially those with a flat bottom and a Keel. Just try one to see! Shallow vee canoes actually resist flipping over. You might wonder where the keel is, but the whole bottom of a shallow vee hull design becomes the keel. The canoe with a shallow vee also has greater turning power. It will turn on a dime. Therefore, a shallow vee equals greater stability and maneuverability.

Just compare them in the water and you’ll see.

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